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Associate professor at Sapienza for over twenty years and, previously, researcher.

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theses: first, remind that theses exist only in the master program; second, theses available on cybersecurity, privacy, certification, watermarking, steganography, algorithms. Inquire for more (details change over time).


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Tor, l‘anonimato e la cifratura telescopica di Fabrizio d'Amore (pp 83-93)

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Il master di II livello in: Sicurezza delle informazioni e informazione strategica, il DIS e l’OSINT 

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I am the Dean's delegate for the information engineering area and the contact person for the Teaching Area Council: refer please to my FAQ page

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For expressing your interest in the seminar on Steganography and digital watermarking fill the form (within September 30th, 2023; but I hope to get at least four expressions from Sapienza earlier)

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short history of name "Fabrizio"

The name Fabrizio is of Italian origin and derives from the Roman family name Fabricius, which in turn comes from the Latin word faber, meaning "craftsman" or "smith."

The name Fabrizio was already attested in ancient Rome, most notably in the person of Gaius Fabricius Luscinus, a consul known for his integrity. The name fell out of use in the Middle Ages, but was revived during the Renaissance, when it became popular in Italy and other European countries.

Today, the name Fabrizio is a classic Italian name with over 21,000 bearers in Italy. It is most common in the north and central parts of the country.

Variants of the name Fabrizio

Italian: Fabricio, Fabrizio

Spanish: Fabrizio

French: Fabrice

German: Fabricius, Fabritius

English: Fabrizio, Fabricius

Portuguese: Fabrizio

Russian: Фабрицио (Fabricio)

Greek: Φαβριτσιος (Fabricios)

Arabic: فابريزيو (Fabricio)

Notable people with the name Fabrizio

Gaius Fabricius Luscinus, a Roman consul known for his integrity

Fabrizio Colonna, a 15th-century Italian condottiero

Fabrizio de André, a 20th-century Italian singer-songwriter

Fabrizio Moro, a contemporary Italian singer-songwriter

Meaning of the name Fabrizio

The name Fabrizio means "craftsman" or "smith." In a figurative sense, the name can be interpreted as a wish for success and personal achievement.